Monday, October 15, 2012

Make the Most of Loyalty Cards

A lot of people take advantage of coupons, but many retailers and restaurants try to entice repeat business by offering bonuses for loyalty.  These type of frequent user cards allow the consumer to get free or reduced priced stuff.

I am a frequent customer of Panera Bakery and Cafe, and they offer a reward program called MyPanera.  It is as simple as you could ask for.  All you need to do is sign up, and present your card whenever you buy anything at the restaurant.

You get a free item for signing up, another free item for your birthday, and depending on the number of times you present your card, you earn discounts and free stuff during the year.

This morning I got a dollar off a beverage, but in the few years the program has been in effect, I have received a lot of awards, including:

  • Free bagels, 
  • Free pastry, or a dollar off a pastry
  • $2.00 off a You-Pick-2 meal
  • Free coffees

It costs nothing to join, and if this is a somewhere you go regularly, can really save you money.

My advice to make every dollar count:   Sign up for the reward cards wherever you eat or shop.  There are a lot of free gifts to be had for a little loyalty.

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